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Aluminium Fabrication


Fabrication has taken place for various aluminium fascia and soffit panels. The team cut the sheets to the correct size. After that the parts are folded on the CNC press brake. In addition welding takes place on the remaining panels. Powder coating will finish the panels. The team will deliver these to site and install…(Read More)

Sports Bar Steel


Sports Bar Steel SWP were asked to fabricated and install steel work for a revamping of a holiday park. The steel was left bare to give an industrial feel. Various elements were fabricated including a pergola, curved staircase, bar racking and railings…(Read More)

Air Knife

Stainless Steel Air Knife This stainless steel air knife, produced by TheTIG for the food industry will regulate air flow once the fans are installed. The various components were cut on the CNC plasma cutter then folded using the brake press. &nbsp…(Read More)

square to round elbow

Refurbish-able Elbow The TIG has produced a square to round stainless steel refurbish-able elbow. This allows grain to flow more efficiently through the elbow. Moreover the wear on the steel will be less compared with a fully round tube. The outer walls can be removed and refurbished easily. The TIG produced the various…(Read More)

Gate with posts

Custom Made Gate


Custom Made Gate Neil (The God Father) has completed a custom made gate for a customer. He stated by cutting the steel for the outside frame followed by the internal elements. Once cut the outside frame was welded along with the central design. He then cut two posts and added derivative caps to these…(Read More)

Stainless chute

Stainless Steel Chute The TIG has completed a stainless steel potato chute. The fabrication stage saw components cut to the correct shape and size. Following on from this The TIG welded the chute together. A wash plate was also produced to accompany the chute. &nbsp…(Read More)

Hydraulic ram bracket

¬†Hydraulic Ram Brackets Our engineer cuts steel lugs from 15mm plate on the CNC plasma cutter. Next the machinist drilled out the lugs to 30.5mm using the radial arm drill. After the fabrication of the individual parts, our welder assembled and welded those parts together to produce the final hydraulic ram bracket…(Read More)

Safety cage straightened

Repair to Ladder and Cage Our team removed the damaged sections and replaced them with new steel. The guys then painted the new sections with a galvanising coating to protect it from corrosion…(Read More)