Industries We Work In

We work within various industries and can accommodate the most complex of projects.

Agriculture and Arboriculture Industry

conveyor tail end

SWP Engineering Services Ltd manufacture’s, supplies, install’s, maintains and refurbishes, grain handling equipment, conveyors and elevators. Design and manufacture of bespoke grain handling systems is a service we offer. We supply parts for and repair, hammer mills, cookers, graders and all equipment associated with oat milling and malting.

Our engineer’s machine, fabricate and weld all types of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and many types of engineering plastics. We design, manufacture and erect small to medium sized farm buildings, grain and fertilizer stores.

Chemical Engineering
The SWP Engineering team assists with work in the chemical waste reclamation industry. Where we carry out installation of various types of specialist heavy machinery. Installation of steam pipe systems and plastic chemical pipe systems. We also carry out ongoing maintenance and repair work at regular intervals. Our team of engineers understand that specific projects within the waste chemical engineering industry have to be careful planned. Our quality workmanship and professionalism are a must and are bywords of the SWP Engineering Services team.

Specialist materials and the latest technology kept at our purpose built workshop means bespoke fabrications can be designed and manufactured on time and at a competitive price. Having worked on many projects within the waste chemical engineering industry, means that SWP Engineering Services have a good insight into what is required to carry out efficient and timely projects.

Consultancy Engineering
SWP Engineering Services operate a consultancy service that has proven invaluable to customers from many industries across the engineering spectrum. With a vast amount of engineering experience and know-how to draw from, a constant updating of the latest technologies and a desire to help our customers by providing the best service possible, SWP ensures the SWP Engineering team will quickly identify the needs of the customer and offer innovative solutions of quality and value.

SWP Engineering also works subject to requirement with other specialist organisations when in the early stages of researching and developing a major product. Our Engineering Consultancy Services have made many engineering recommendations as requested by individuals, commercial enterprises and large scale industrial companies. With specialist architectural structural design engineers and specialist welders and fabricators, experts in working with sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other specialist metals and plastics, SWP Engineering will find an innovative and effective solution to support customers.

SWP Engineering Services researched, designed and developed the AccuLift System as a direct result of an issue uncovered within the Gas and Oil Industry where inefficiencies and costly repairs were regular occurrences. The AccuLift System is now a cost effective, energy efficient, labour saving option that offers precision and excellent handling to many industries, the system showcases the physical embodiment of exceptional engineering, and it is proof positive of solution focussed industry leading thinking that prevails within the ethos of SWP Engineering.

Food Industry
Working together with several companies within the food industry means SWP Engineering Services Ltd have a good insight into the many rules and regulations that Food Industry insiders must adhere to. SWP Engineering Services have a good rapport with a growing number of companies within the food industry and have worked with them to solve many general engineering problems. Our portfolio of work includes the design and manufacture of specialised food handling equipment. The manufacture and installation of a conveyor systems, the design and fabrication of specialised machine parts and the installation of heavy machinery.

Offering an ongoing repair and maintenance package is another popular option with these organisations offering a cost effective option to clients while always ensuring machines are operating at the most efficient levels, which in turn extends machine life allowing clients more room for future budgets.

SWP Engineering Services understands that adaptability and communication are keywords in ensuring the different timescales and deadlines being met, vitally important when working with the food industry. Having a flexible workforce ready to adapt to using specialised materials, being able to work both on and off site, and working outside of the normal working hours have in the past been undertaken to get the job done to our satisfaction and not simply meet, but exceed the expectations of our customers.



Gas and Oil Industries
SWP Engineering Services have researched and developed industrial machinery designed to work within the Gas and Oil industries enabling the enhancement of the production methods within these fields. Other projects have included pipe manufacturing, repair and maintenance packages for machinery and parts as required, e.g. on the jack up threading tables with pick and place loading systems.

SWP Engineering Services can design and fabricate parts, pipelines, platforms, gangways and specialised mechanical handling equipment to this industry and offer this design and fabrication service in steel, aluminium or one of our other various specialised metals or plastics for bespoke projects of all shapes and sizes. With a large team of highly trained specialist engineers at our disposal drawn upon the many engineering sectors means we bring a wealth of knowledge to any project commissioned. With production engineers with CAD experience, Marine Engineers, specialist welders, specialist fabricators, Architectural Structural Engineers and Designers with the latest engineering technology available means if it can be made, SWP Engineering Services can make it and it will be of the highest quality without compromise.

Marine and Fishing Industry
The Marine and Fishing Industries are areas of engineering close to the heart of SWP Engineering Services. Based in Berwick upon Tweed a port and harbour found on the North East coast of England and neighbouring the buoyant fishing port at Eyemouth, SWP has an extensive portfolio of marine service engineering including several major Marine Engineering projects. With an abundance of experience in this discipline it is natural that many within this industry come to SWP Engineering to solve all of their Marine and Fishing engineering issues.

Having engineers in house that have specialist knowledge of this discipline whom having worked explicitly in this arena before joining the SWP Engineering team was beneficial when commissioned to design, manufacture and fit out two 10.0m trawlers. After this project was commissioned the designers and specialist engineering team set to work before the final phase of sea trials were undertaken and both vessels having met our stringent standards were handed over to the delighted customer. This project was well within the scope of SWP Engineering and was completed on time and within budget. SWP Engineering team of specialists more recently have designed and created a new boat launching facility, gangways, pontoons and slipways. SWP Engineering Services can repair and maintain vessels and other marine and fishing equipment such as rigs, boats and coastal defence structures, this can have the added benefit of operating to a higher efficiency and a more prolonged working life of the machine, a cost saving benefit useful to any business.

Quarrying Industry
With so much heavy machinery utilised for so many long and arduous hours within the quarrying industry and with so many quarries within the Northumberland and the Scottish Borders boundaries it is little wonder that SWP Engineering Services have become heavily involved in the repair and maintenance of the specialist machinery of this sector of industry. With ongoing repair and maintenance packages designed to enhance the efficiency of the machines , these popular packages are designed to be a cost effective method of enhancing production and limiting future machine failures whilst extending machine life due to regular maintenance. SWP Engineering Services can conduct on site visits to perform engineering inspection, maintenance and most repair work and again mostly on site and at a time convenient to you and your business making it easier to manage your time effectively as well as your budget.
Textile Industry
Our team of highly trained engineers and fabricators regularly work using specialist materials, designing and creating parts for specialised industrial machines across a spectrum of industries including the textile and paper industries. SWP Engineering Services uses the latest technology and our vast experience to support local, national and multi-national businesses with installations of heavy machinery.

Maintenance and repair packages are also available ensuring the plant operates to maximum efficiency and limits future plant failure. Bespoke fabrication is also available for one of tasks or repeat orders. Repair and maintenance work is co-ordinated to work in with plant schedules where possible and work carried out is completed in a timely fashion with pinpoint accuracy and to the highest professional standards. The SWP Engineering team evolve techniques and methods to innovate and support industrial businesses effectively affording business long term cost cutting and time management efficiencies.