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Aluminium Fabrication


Fabrication has taken place for various aluminium fascia and soffit panels. The team cut the sheets to the correct size. After that the parts are folded on the CNC press brake. In addition welding takes place on the remaining panels. Powder coating will finish the panels. The team will deliver these to site and install…(Read More)

vacuum former

Vacuum Former


Vacuum Former The Machinist has produced a vacuum former from a block of aluminium steel. The excess steel is removed from the centre. Furthermore the machinist used the CNC bed mill to achieve the correct dimensions. A grove was also cut to allow the placement of a sealing band…(Read More)

marine research trolley

Marine Research Trolley SWP were asked to produce a trolley for the science and research sector. The trolley would be used to study marine life. Aluminium steel was used to make up the framework and floor, furthermore casters were added to ensure easy mobility of the trolley…(Read More)

thermal block

Thermal Blocks


The job This job involved making thermal blocks from aluminium and polyethylene which would be used in a vacuum forming process to seal food products. First of all the CNC turret mill was used to cut groves into the metal and plastic blocks. In addition the radial arm drill was used to drill two holes…(Read More)