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Diablo Roller

Diablo Roller


Diablo Roller Starting with the raw material, that being a stainless steel shaft. Cut to the correct size for each roller. The material then enters the machine shop. Our engineer then turns the steel to create a single and double grove diablo roller…(Read More)

Check Weigh Drive Roller

Check Weigh Drive Rollers One of our apprentices Calvin has produced some replacement check weigh drive rollers. First of all he selected the correct stainless steel shaft diameter, measured this to size so he could cut to the required length. Once cut the shaft was placed into the CNC lathe, furthermore it was machined to…(Read More)

grader roller

Grader Roller


Grader Roller The machinist has produced a mild steel grader roller. The process involves machining the end boss on the lathe. Followed by welding the boss to the circular hollow…(Read More)

stainless roller

Stainless Steel Roller The team have been busy with the production of several stainless steel rollers. This involved the machining of shaft on the lathe, to TIG welding the components to produce the final product. &nbsp…(Read More)




Rollers Chris has manufactured a selection of rollers. These include drive, tail and tension rollers. &nbsp…(Read More)

ice roller

Ice Roller


The Job The ice roller was brought into SWP for some maintenance work to be carried out. New bearings and oil seals were required, as well as a new stainless steel stub end which was damaged due to the collapsed bearing #TheMachinist got to work by removing the two ends followed by disassembling all the…(Read More)

belt roller

Belt Roller


The Job To begin the correct diameter pipe was selected and cut to size. The internal shaft was then cut to the correct length, and a key machined for the drive motor, the other end was turned to allow the bearing to fit. Two end bushes were then machined to suit the pipe and bearing…(Read More)