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Air Knife

Stainless Steel Air Knife This stainless steel air knife, produced by TheTIG for the food industry will regulate air flow once the fans are installed. The various components were cut on the CNC plasma cutter then folded using the brake press. &nbsp…(Read More)

square to round elbow

Refurbish-able Elbow The TIG has produced a square to round stainless steel refurbish-able elbow. This allows grain to flow more efficiently through the elbow. Moreover the wear on the steel will be less compared with a fully round tube. The outer walls can be removed and refurbished easily. The TIG produced the various…(Read More)

Stainless chute

Stainless Steel Chute The TIG has completed a stainless steel potato chute. The fabrication stage saw components cut to the correct shape and size. Following on from this The TIG welded the chute together. A wash plate was also produced to accompany the chute. &nbsp…(Read More)

Diablo Roller

Diablo Roller


Diablo Roller Starting with the raw material, that being a stainless steel shaft. Cut to the correct size for each roller. The material then enters the machine shop. Our engineer then turns the steel to create a single and double grove diablo roller…(Read More)

Stainless Ladder

Stainless Boat Ladders


Stainless Boat Ladders The TIG has produced some stainless steel boat ladders. The fabricated bracket allows the ladders to be folded away when not in use…(Read More)

Check Weigh Drive Roller

Check Weigh Drive Rollers One of our apprentices Calvin has produced some replacement check weigh drive rollers. First of all he selected the correct stainless steel shaft diameter, measured this to size so he could cut to the required length. Once cut the shaft was placed into the CNC lathe, furthermore it was machined to…(Read More)

Pipe flange

Pipe Flange


The Job The Machinist has produced some stainless steel pipe flanges. The first process was to lathe the faces and centre the four stainless steel discs. Once complete the eight holes were drilled on the turret mill and then it was back to the lathe to drill and bore the centre. Finally all of the…(Read More)

vent hood

The job TheTIG has been putting his skills to use again. This time fabricating a stainless steel chute. He first cut all of the steel to size from a 4m x 2m sheet using our guillotine (cutting service available to the trades and public). Next certain edges had to be bent, holes drilled in the…(Read More)

Holy Island handrail

Holy Island Stainless Steel Handrail This project involved installing a stainless steel handrail at the new Holy Island Village Hall. The handrail essentially consists of stainless posts, brackets, tube and glass panels.   &nbsp…(Read More)