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Stainless Steel Chute


The job

TheTIG has been putting his skills to use again. This time fabricating a stainless steel chute. He first cut all of the steel to size from a 4m x 2m sheet using our guillotine (cutting service available to the trades and public). Next certain edges had to be bent, holes drilled in the bottom flange and lifting lugs made. It was now time for him to use his favorite tool, the TIG welder. Once all of the welds were complete, he cleaned the oxidisation colouring from the steel. After a final inspection the chute was ready for the customer.

The images show the steel with a protective sheet which will be removed once installed.

stainless steel chutestainless steel chute

stainless steel chute  stainless steel chute stainless steel chute vent hood

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