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square to round elbow

Refurbish-able Elbow The TIG has produced a square to round stainless steel refurbish-able elbow. This allows grain to flow more efficiently through the elbow. Moreover the wear on the steel will be less compared with a fully round tube. The outer walls can be removed and refurbished easily. The TIG produced the various…(Read More)

Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor


Mezzanine Floor Earlier in 2018 SWP erected a mezzanine floor for a food production factory. This means the factory would have a massive uplift in capability and output. The steel was cut and welded at the Berwick site, then delivered to the factory. Our team then assembled the mezzanine. Final touches included adding the safety…(Read More)


Unlock efficiency and increase productivity in your shellfish processing operation. The unique continuous shellfish cooker will achieve greater throughput, increase processing capacity by more than five times that of conventional batch cooking. The CSC system provides users with many significant benefits. The Benefits: The CSC system can process a range of shellfish, crab lobster, claws…(Read More)