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Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor


Mezzanine Floor Earlier in 2018 SWP erected a mezzanine floor for a food production factory. This means the factory would have a massive uplift in capability and output. The steel was cut and welded at the Berwick site, then delivered to the factory. Our team then assembled the mezzanine. Final touches included adding the safety…(Read More)

Steel loaded for transportation

Heavy Steel Work For Mezzanine Floor The team has processed this steel work in our workshop. This includes cutting the steel to size, drilling holes, welding cleats, plates and base plates. Furthermore the completed steel was loaded onto the transport ready to be delivered to site.     &nbsp…(Read More)

Security gate installed

Security Gate There was a requirement to install a security gate to an alleyway entrance. SWP were asked to design, fabricate and install the gate. Our engineer got to work by selecting the correct materials. The steel was cut to size, clamped together, tacked and welded. Hinges and a housing for the lock was then…(Read More)

Steel bollards

Steel Bollards


Steel Bollards Steel bollards manufactured in our workshop. Made as a safety device. This protects door ways, machinery, building edges and shelving racks from forklift hits. &nbsp…(Read More)

Inspection hatch installed

Inspection Hatch


The brief SWP were asked to replace a worn inspection hatch door and install the new one on top of a silo. The job Galvanised steel was selected for this job because of its resistance to corrosion. The first stage was to cut the various sizes of steel to size furthermore all of the ancillary…(Read More)

manhole cover

Manhole Cover


Manhole Cover The Gull has fabricated a new manhole cover and frame work to replace the existing one. The original was in bad shape and had rusted through in areas. The Gull and Cal Dawg then installed the cover on site…(Read More)

entrance gate

Entrance Gates


Entrance Gates Neil (The God Father) has produced some high quality steel gate for a customers property entrance. The gates were galvanised and then powder coated black to ensure they will last of years. Liam and Chris then installed the gates at the property.   &nbsp…(Read More)

structural steel

Steel Steel Steel We love the hard stuff here at SWP. The team have been busy preparing structural steel for a new building. Beams, angles and steel tube bracing, all cut to size. Base plates and cleats were welded to the steel. The completed steel will be heading off to be galvanised and delivered to…(Read More)

structural steel

Steel Work For Cottage Liam, Chris, Cal Dawg and Mikey have been on site installing structural steel work. This included beams, channel for the roofing and bracing bars. The steel work was prepared in our workshop on the Ramparts Business Park…(Read More)

tv bracket

TV Bracket


Custom Made TV Bracket We were asked by a customer to come up with a solution to hide a TV in a side cupboard. The solution was to fabricate a TV bracket with extended arms. This would allow the TV to swing out when in use and to push back in neatly. The bracket was…(Read More)