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Stainless chute

Stainless Steel Chute The TIG has completed a stainless steel potato chute. The fabrication stage saw components cut to the correct shape and size. Following on from this The TIG welded the chute together. A wash plate was also produced to accompany the chute. &nbsp…(Read More)

grader roller

Grader Roller


Grader Roller The machinist has produced a mild steel grader roller. The process involves machining the end boss on the lathe. Followed by welding the boss to the circular hollow…(Read More)

stainless roller

Stainless Steel Roller The team have been busy with the production of several stainless steel rollers. This involved the machining of shaft on the lathe, to TIG welding the components to produce the final product. &nbsp…(Read More)

poly roll cabinet

Poly Roll Cabinets A customer approached us to design and fabricate some cabinets to store poly rolls. The cabinets were to be positioned in a hygienic environment so needed to be produced out of stainless steel. Eight cabinets were fabricated in total for two sites owned by the company. The images below show the finished…(Read More)

stainless sink

Stainless Sink Liner TheTIG with his trusty torch has been hard at work producing a stainless steel sink liner. This is to fit an existing wooden sink provided by the customer…(Read More)

Lid with pipe stub

Stainless Steel Lid With Pipe Stub #TheTIG has produced a stainless steel lid with a pipe stub. The base was cut on our CNC plasma cutter by Gary. TheTIG finished the job by welding the steel for the pipe stub. &nbsp…(Read More)

belt roller

Belt Roller


The Job To begin the correct diameter pipe was selected and cut to size. The internal shaft was then cut to the correct length, and a key machined for the drive motor, the other end was turned to allow the bearing to fit. Two end bushes were then machined to suit the pipe and bearing…(Read More)