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Barley Conveyor Replacement Works


The brief

Simpsons Malt Ltd needed to renew the existing barley conveyors above the jumbo silos. SWP Engineering Services Ltd was approached to discuss the project.

The job

SWP Engineering Services Ltd designed the new galvanized support towers and catwalks, that carry the new conveyors above the silos and existing barley conveying system.

Five 16 meter high large support towers were manufactured and erected in the Jumbo Silo area.  The new support catwalks were designed, manufactured and installed to carry the new barely conveying system. As shown on the isometric drawings of the steel work it is a considerable construction. The old conveyors and old catwalks were dismantled and removed from the top of the jumbo silos.

The new conveyors were then installed, with all newly manufactured plastic lined grain ducting, fitted into the various locations along with automatic slides and diverter valves. All the air supply lines were installed to the discharge slides etc. All the steel work was completed to a very high standard incorporating all access stairs, ladders and handrail systems.

This project paves the way for further renewal of plant and the replacement of the existing catwalk system.

catwalk catwalk catwalk catwalk catwalk main layout

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